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Covid-19 Reporting Tool

The link listed below is for the Covid Reporting Tool. 
This form once completed will be sent to our Safety Officer Brian Ketcham. He will follow up with you about receiving this report
and how to follow up with him in the event that your player is released to play.

FCLL Covid Reporting Tool

Covid-19 Safety Protocols


FCLL Covid Safety Protocols

At any time during the season if you, your player or anyone in your household is diagnosed with Covid-19 we ask that you let us know as soon as possible so we can communicate this to the other teams in your division and officials from your recent games. If you have inter-leagued with a visiting team, we are required to communicate with that league.

Please know that we are doing everything we can to bridge the gap between safety and getting to play baseball. As you have seen on TV, major league teams are all following the basic protocols. We want your player, your families and our league to be safe throughout the fall season.

In the event that a team has a member that has been diagnosed with Covid-19, the League will request that team to quarantine for 14 days before resuming its game schedule. Any missed games will be rescheduled as the calendar allows.


1.       All players should wash their hands thoroughly prior to entering the dugout. Hand sanitizer can be used in lieu of soap and water

2.       Bats, gloves and especially catchers gear should not be shared

3.       Players should distance themselves from their team mates as best possible

a.       While in the dugout players over the age of 10 are required to wear a face mask

b.      It is recommended that players 10 and under wear a face mask while in the dugout

c.       Players should supply their own beverage and should not share

d.      No sunflower seeds or spitting in the dugout

4.       While in the dugout there will be no contact between players unless they are siblings. This means no horse play in the dugout.

5.       During a time out or dead ball players on the field should not make contact with each other

6.       After the game both teams will line up on the first and third dugout, tip there hat and yell “Good Game, Thanks Blue!!!”

Coaches/Assistants/Dugout Managers

1.       All above should wash their hands thoroughly prior to entering the dugout. Hand sanitizer can be used in lieu of soap and water

2.       All should continue to limit their physical contact with the players

3.       All are required to wear face masks while in the dugout (based on current Tarrant County requirements)

4.       Reinforce no contact between players while in the dugout

5.       When calling time or during the plate meeting, keep a safe distance from the umpire and opposing coach

6.       It is up to each coach to inspect the players equipment prior to each game


1.       All umpires should wash their hands thoroughly prior to entering the dugout. Hand sanitizer can be used in lieu of soap and water.

2.       Plate/Head umpire may position themselves behind the plate or behind the mound

3.       Regardless of position, face masks are required* when not wearing your umpire mask. (*based on current Tarrant County requirements)

4.       When communicating with the catcher, keep a safe distance

5.       When running the pregame plate meeting keep a safe distance from the coaches

6.       The inspection of equipment will be suspended for the fall season


1.       If your player is not feeling well communicate this to the coach prior to leaving for the field

2.       All visitors should wash their hands thoroughly prior to entering fields. Hand sanitizer can be used in lieu of soap and water

3.       Please limit attendance to immediate family only

4.       Please keep a safe distance from other families in attendance

5.       If anyone in your family is feeling ill, please ask them to stay home

6.       Help reinforce no contact between players while in the dugout

7.       We encourage not bringing after game snacks but will leave that up to the teams parents

An additional safety protocol that might be enforced by your coach would be monitoring the player’s temperature when they arrive at the fields. While we as a league are not mandating this, we are supporting the efforts of the coaches to keep everyone safe.

It is the hope of Fossil Creek Little League and its Board that by putting these safety protocols in place it shows that we care about the safety of all of our FCLL family.

Covid-19 Liability Waiver

Due to the active Covid-19 pandemic FCLL has added Covid-19 liability waiver that must be accepted at the time of registration. While FCLL will do everything we can to provide a safe environment for our players, coaches, volunteers and visitors we cannot guarantee everyone safety from this virus.

For a printable copy of the Covid-19 Liability Waiver please click on the following link.

FCLL Covid-19 Liability Waiver.pdf

FCLL On-Line Safety Reporting Portal

Fossil Creek Little League has made is easier to report an accident with our new online reporting tool.
Click the link below and complete the form with all of the required information and hit submit.
While we strive to be safe and hope to never need this tool, it is there if needed. 

FCLL Incident Reporting Tool

After you hit Submit you will receive a confirmation email.
The FCLL Safety Officer will contact the parent or guardian of the player o confirm the information and to follow up with ant after care that may have been needed.

FCLL Printable Safety Reporting Form

In addition to the online reporting tool this form can be downloaded, completed and emailed to our League Safety Officer Brian Ketcham at [email protected]

FCLL Incident Reporting Procedures and Form.pdf

Heads Up Concussion Training

Every Spring Fossil Creek Little League require ALL coaches to watch the Heads UP Concussion training video sponsored by the CDC. Below is the link to the training module. Upon completion, please email a copy of the certificate to [email protected]

Heads Up Concussion Training


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