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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: There are several youth baseball leagues in the area. Why should I choose Fossil Creek Little League?

A: Fossil Creek Little League is the only league in the area that is associated with Little League International. Officially founded in 1939, Little League is one of the oldest and, with just over 200,000 teams in over 80 countries, is the largest, most respected and familiar youth sports organization in the world. Aside from that, we are very family and community oriented and we work very hard to keep our registration fees as low as possible, even though we are 100% financed and operated by parents, sponsor and volunteers.

Q: I have a busy schedule. When and where are practices and games?

A: We have a limit of 3 events per week, perhaps 1 game and 2 practices. The coach schedules practice times and location and will contact you shortly after the coaches meeting for the season. Games are scheduled for during the week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday starting at 6:00pm or 6:30pm and Saturdays starting from 9am or 10am. Most Saturday day games should be finished by 5pm.
Wednesday and Sunday may be used to schedule rain-out make-up games.

Q: We have played in other leagues and notice the rules seem different here. Why?

A: Little League rules do differ slightly from those of PONY and Babe Ruth age level. Little League plays on a diamond where base paths remain 60 feet and "lead offs" are not permitted until the Junior level, age 13. This allows more time to develop pitching because pitchers are not overly focused on "pick offs".

Q: I think my child is ready to play in a higher division than their league age. What can I do?

A: It is usually best for players to progress normally through the divisions of play to allow them to gain as much experience as possible before rule changes occur. Although it is not recommended, you may advance your child to the next division above their league age upon request. If you choose to do so, we suggest doing it in the Fall Season when play is more instructional and less competitive. Also, be advised that once your child plays in the higher division, he/she cannot be placed back in the lower division. If you still want your child to advance early, please email us at [email protected]. Online Registration will not allow you to register in any other division than your child's league age allows. 

Q: I don't think my child is prepared for the division of their league age. What can I do?

A: In some circumstances, you may want to keep your child in a division lower than their league age. This can sometimes be allowed on a case-by-case basis. The main disadvantage of doing so is that your child would not be eligible to participate in any official Little League tournaments, including those that lead to the World Series. If you feel that playing in a lower division is in your child's best interest, please please email us at [email protected]. Online Registration will not allow you to register in any other division than your child's league age allows. 

Q: I want my child to have the same coach as last year. What can I do?

A: You may request a specific coach only if your child is in T-Ball. We do our best to ensure all of these requests are honored but there are rare circumstances that prevent us from doing so. Coach Pitch thru Majors teams use a draft process for assembling the teams therefore you may not request a coach. (See Section 9 of our Local Options for more information on draft procedures).  Remember that a variety of coaches during these developmental years can provide the benefit of being exposed to multiple strategies and techniques that can help build a player to their full potential.

Q: It must take a lot of work to run a Little League. How can I help?

A: It does take a lot of work to run a little league. Especially for Fossil Creek Little League, because we are completely self funded through registration fees, sponsorships and our concession stand. There are plenty of tasks that we would love to have your help with, including: Coaching, Umpiring, Concessions, and more. Just send us and email to [email protected] to let us know you're interested.

Q: How can I join the Fossil Creek Little League board of directors?

A: New board members are accepted every year during our annual board meeting in July. Please watch our website and Facebook page for date, time and location of our annual board meeting.

Q: I have multiple children that would like to play. Can I get a discount?

A: We do offer a discount to families with 3 or more children joining. Pay regular price for the first 2 registrations, then a reduced price for each additional child living in the same household. Online registration does not discount for any additional children.You will need to email us so we can manually adjust your account balance before paying.

Q: Fossil Creek is a member of Little League┬« International. Do you play in the World Series?

A: Every year, teams from around the globe compete in a tournament that leads to the globally recognized and televised Little League World Series. Fossil Creek Little League does participate in this tournament each year, along with Jim Sundberg Tournament, which is organized by Texas District 7 LL. Near the end of each Spring Season, players are selected from each team in the Coach Pitch, Minors, Majors and Juniors divisions. All coaches from each division review and select players based on multiple criteria, including skill set, work ethic, teamwork and attitude. These players form the teams that represent Fossil Creek in these tournaments.

Q: Something has come up and we cannot participate in the season we are register in. Can we get a refund?

A:We have two policies for refunds.

Dropped Player
If a player leaves due to unforeseen circumstances the policy is:
Prior to the close of registration = Full Refund
Up to 7 days after registration closes = Full Refund
8 or more days after Registration closes = Refund is Registration Fee less $55 ($30 Uniform and $25 Admin/Charter fees)
After the first scheduled game of the season is played = No refund
All refund requests must be submitted via email to [email protected]

In the event of a season cancellation, the refund policy is:
***** Pandemic / Natural Disaster Refund Policy *****
Fossil Creek Little League is a 501c3 nonprofit organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Service that receives all income form registrations, donations, and sponsorship and does not employ any persons or pay any compensation to board members or volunteers.  In the event of a season cancellation due to a Pandemic / Natural Disaster where the safety and well-being of our players is or could be compromised and/or we are forced by local, state or federal governments to shut down our season at any point after registration is over, the local board will conduct an audit of the books to determine what money has been spent on the season to date and will base the refund amount on said audit. These books are public record and can and will be shared to justify the refund amounts.
All refunds must be submitted in writing via email to [email protected]


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