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Shack Shack Operating Procedures

Thank you very much for volunteering for our league. The success of Fossil Creek Little League depends on all of us doing our share. Helping in the Snack Shack is very much appreciated! If you have ANY questions while you are working please text/call:
                                                                        Liz Woodruff 817-673-1901
Please arrive 15 minutes before your assigned shift starts. Liz or another board member will open the Snack Shack, prep for the day, and then return to close. The first volunteers of the day will be given a quick run-down of how to run the Snack Shack, please pass that same information to the next shift.

Quick Notes:
1.  Please sign-in when you arrive to work in the snack shack. There is a sign-in sheet provided. Please feel free to look around to familiarize yourself with where everything is.
2.  Please keep the door shut at all times!
3.  There should be 2 people in the Snack Shack at all times.
4.  Umpires are allowed 1 hot dog and 1 water or soft drink per game worked.
5.  We accept Square with a $5.00 minimum.
6.  Please do not accept $50’s or higher as it makes it difficult to make change throughout the day.
7.  Please clean as you go, if we all do a little it makes the end of the day clean up a little easier.
8.  If inventory seems low during your shift please restock with items from the shelves.
9.  After 3pm: please do not add cheese/chili to crock pot, but if you are out of hot dogs please add approx 10 more to roller if buns are available.
10. If you are the last shift of the day please throw away crock pot liners, empty popcorn machine, place chocolate in the refrigerator(when the weather is warm), bring in any items outside the bar and put condiments in the refrigerator.

Thank you again for volunteering. The following has more in-depth instructions of how to run the Snack Shack.

Using Square:
The tablet is for use of the Square app only.
1. Open Point of Sale(Square) app-it will already be signed in to our account. Please remember that there is a $5.00 minimum.
2. Enter items being sold by tapping on the items icon. Verify that the charged amount is correct. Ex: $5.00 vs $500
3. Swipe Card through reader. It may show an error code and you will need to swipe again, some cards have trouble being read.
4. If the sale went through it will go to the next screen. It will give you the choice to sign (have them sign with their finger on the screen) text, email, or no receipt. If they have used Square before it will automatically send their receipt or it will show a number or email. Ask the customer what their preference is and enter number or email if needed. If no receipt is requested tap “No receipt” and it will return to the keypad screen. In the event it doesn’t return to that screen there is an icon that looks like a calculator that you can tap to return to the main screen.

Food Machines
Most items have their own instructions on them.

Hot Dog Roller:
Place 2 rows of hot dogs on the roller. The knobs need to be on 3ish. Let them roll until they are 
done. You should be able to tell when they are “done”. Place hot dog in bun, wrap in a foil sheet, 
and place in red warmer bag. We usually keep 10-20 hot dogs in the warmer. If we have Chick-Fil-A 
you can place the hot dogs in that warmer.

Pop Corn Machine:
Follow instructions on pre-measured bags. We usually run two pre-measured bags in the morning and then make another bag as needed. The box of popcorn is below the maker on the supply shelf along with serving bags.

Crock Pots:
Needs to stay on “High” until they warm, then turn to low.
Please stir often!
Cheese: when refilling cheese add ½ c. water, ½ c.jalapeno juice(refrigerator), stir, and turn crock pot back to “high” until warm.

Please keep area wiped down.

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